Saturday, November 8, 2008

Power Chords

Power chords are the basis of some of the best heavy metal and punk rock music. They are a great way to construct the rhythm of a powerful song. To construct a power chord, you put your pointer finger down on the root note, and your ring finger seven steps higher.  You can also put your pinky finger on the next string up, at the same fret as your ring finger.  This setup will allow you to play three notes at once.  Another way to hit all three notes is to place your ring finger over the second two strings instead of using your pinky.

Mixing power chords with lead guitar is a great way to create a diverse song with a strong sense of variety. Throw on some heavy distortion, and you can create some strong sounds that go great with some progressive soloing on top.

Play around with some power chord combinations and feel free to post your guitar riffs as comments on this blog.