Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Electric Travel Guitar

On The Road With A Travel Electric Guitar

By: David Smithe

The demands of a busy personal life may start to impact your music. If your job takes you around the world and back again, your guitar playing may start to suffer. It s not practical to take your valuable instruments on the road with you for short term travel. They could be lost or stolen. They could be seriously damaged beyond repair on an airplane. The risk is a costly one. Who wants their favorite axe smashed to bits?Certainly not me!

Believe it or not, there are some companies who focus entirely on making musical instruments and accessories that are geared toward simplicity and portability. A travel electric guitar may be the answer to staying on top of your guitar technique and maintaining your globetrotting lifestyle.

Traveler Guitars:

The Traveler Guitar makes several travel electric guitars that have many of the same features as standard instruments. Their guitars and basses feature unique, ergonomic designs that will keep you rocking on the road. Each instrument comes with a case and weighs roughly 5 pounds. Traveler Guitar even makes essential on the go accessories like small amp heads. They produce both electric guitars and basses for the road.

Hohner Guitars:

Hohner travel electric guitars feature a one of a kind design. Their headless construction makes the instrument much shorter, but it still packs a powerful punch in the sound department. The unique design is eye catching, and heads will turn when you pull this instrument out of a gig bag. You won t even need a strap to play this guitar, because it features a fold out leg rest that packs neatly away right inside the body of the instrument. Coupled with the perfect small sized or practice amp, this guitar packs a lot of power. It also performs well when plugged in to a standard amp, and might serve you very well in an impromptu gig or jam session.

Pignose Guitars:

The Pignose travel electric guitar features the ultimate in ease of portability, with an amplifier built directly into the instrument. Powered by a 9 volt battery, this little guitar is perfect for the traveler who doesn t want to haul an amp along. However, this instrument can also be plugged into an amp if desired.

A travel electric guitar is the perfect solution for staying on top of your musical game despite your busy work and personal life. An investment in a travel guitar is like an investment in your musical development, and it will protect your more expensive gear from dangers on the road. They feature accessories and amenities that are comparable to your regular instruments. These little travel guitars are perfect for jamming on the road, on your lunch break, or in between classes. Some of them are powerful and resonant enough that you could even use them in recording sessions if you wanted to!

Don't let your music suffer because of the inconveniences that are presented by traveling. Take your guitar along with you to relieve stress, pass the time, and entertain your friends, family and coworkers while you re at it.

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